About Soar Creative

What We Do & Who We Are

Following a two-year stint as art director for a San Francisco non-profit, Scott Hummel established Soar Creative as a vehicle to do a wider range of creative work. Since the beginning Soar has actively encouraged an environment in which we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. We believe in the power of stories and that our clients know their own stories best. It is our job to translate those stories into creative concepts that communicate effectively.

Our team has extensive experience in identity development, web development, and promotion design, providing graphic design, art direction, and production services. We build websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress—as a blog platform or content management system (CMS). We incorporate organic search engine optimization (SEO) principles into each of our web projects and conduct SEO evaluations for existing sites.

Scott Hummel — Principal & Creative Director

scotthummel-soarcreative-1After a childhood imagining and creating new worlds—drawing maps, planning houses, and designing uniforms for countless teams both real and imagined—I planned to follow my uncle’s footsteps and be an architect. Yet, in college, my desire to change the world led me to study education. I decided to focus my creative energy on building environments for college students to better understand themselves and others through community-based work. There was great satisfaction in the relationships and consciousness that emerged from my teaching, but I wanted a more tangible product from my work—to again see and hold things made with my own hands.

After returning to art school to study photography and sculpture, I began Soar Creative as a means to integrate the visual with my professional experience. Now, through Soar, I am an artist, an architect, a collaborator, and a community builder. My work gives me the opportunity to translate stories and give voice to each client’s unique offerings.