HCI Equity Partners

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Logo & Identity System

Washington, DC

As part of a complete organizational rebranding, the private equity firm HCI Equity Partners engaged Soar to guide the process of redesigning its identity. Beginning with the partners’ request for a text-based mark that portrayed characteristics of quality, strength, and progressiveness, we designed a word mark that balances these attributes within the tension between the block form of “HCI” and the sleek, upright form of “Equity Partners.”

Carrying the process through to the HCI website, we worked with the staff to expand on the site structure we developed in 2008, facilitating access for site users — primarily potential investors and management partners eager to find information quickly. The redesign streamlined the site’s visual impact focusing attention on the site content and emphasizing the firm’s direct approach to their work. We created a variety of distinct layouts, including for the primary content areas, the investment portfolio, and the staff directory. In addition we extended the visual brand developed for the website by creating a small printable brochure for download.

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