Sonen Capital

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Logo & Identity System | Website Design & Development

San Francisco, CA

Sonen Capital — a leader in the growing field of impact investment management — enlisted Soar on its creative team from the start. We provided research and consultation services through the company’s naming process before developing Sonen’s initial brand elements, including a wordmark logo (based on a customized font) and business cards, as well as a transitional website to provide internet visibility. We continue to support Sonen in the development of their identity and communication materials.

Among the ongoing projects Soar has completed with Sonen, we designed and produced the look-and-feel for the KLF “Evolution of an Impact Portfolio” report and designed the layout / template for Sonen’s 2013 “Annual Impact Report”. Both publications are part of an ongoing series related to the evolving area of impact investment called “Lessons from the Field”. See sample spreads from both reports, below.